As the Government, business and community collectively work toward reducing the national COVID-19 spread, the Lease Equity team are now working remotely from our onsite offices and also head office.

All of our team have the necessary information technology infrastructure and devices enabling them to work remotely. This includes our remote access being highly secure coupled with our strict operating procedures for working remotely. These ensure our teams remain productive and confidential information remains secure.

The health and well being of our staff and stakeholders is paramount in our procedures particularly at this time. This extends to the mental well being of everybody.

We consider our role as the conduit between Landlords and Tenants to be an essential service that needs to remain operational in the manner prescribed below.

Responsible Business Continuity Strategy

Point of Contact
Each property manager and business unit has a point of contact to assist with any issues that arise. We have made more senior people available to the team due to what will likely be a substantial increase in activity.

Centre Management – Alternate Options
Whilst we will be alternating each centre management staff member to ensure that there is continuity, we have also instigated an option that if one of the staff members is unable to attend the office for a prolonged period, that a senior staff member will be allocated to man the centre.

We consider it essential that shopping centres and office buildings with multiple tenants will need an onsite attendance of a staff member.

Face to Face Meetings
We are not undertaking any face to face meetings, instead we are offering the opportunity to conduct meetings via virtual connect technology, such as Teams, Skype, WhatsApp or other technologies as requested.

Whilst we are facing unprecedented times and daily changes to how we need to deal with matters as they arise, we have developed a platform, processes and culture that remains focused on ensuring that all of our stakeholders continue to derive the greatest value and support that we are able to provide. This will continue.