A historic moment for Perth CBD with demolition of the former Wellington Surplus Stores site nearing completion to make way of the $70 million, 30-level Atira Student Living development. It’s the first time in over 70 years the land has been exposed.

As Selling Agents on behalf of the previous owners, Lease Equity are pleased to share some light on the sites history & look forward to its evolution into one of Perth’s most significant & iconic developments.

“333-335 Wellington Street 1939 onwards was occupied by my late father & grandmother. The business prior to the end of 1945 was second hand clothing. Post 1945 part worn & new army clothing. 329-333 Wellington Street pre 1945 was a collection of small retail shops. In the mid 1950’s a shop in the section was rented by my mother as a second hand dealers shop. Next door to the three shops there was a wine saloon called the Prince of Wales that had been there since the 1900’s I remember a water trough outside for horses in the 1950’s”.

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